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Chris Wallace

Writer, Editor, Designer

Cover Design

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When a customer sees your book in the search listings on Amazon, you have one chance to grab their attention. Your cover.

If your cover doesn't look professional, they will assume the writing isn't professional either. If it doesn't look true to the genre, they will scroll past to a book that reminds them of others they have enjoyed. 

Sales are always at the forefront of my mind when designing a book cover. Because it doesn't matter how good your book is if no one buys it.



Chris is the smartest guy I know, and he carries that intelligence into his excellent work as a writer, editor, and designer

Adam Stemple,
Award Winning Author

Chris has been a top contributor to my website for years, now. Time after time, he uses his wealth of experience to produce excellent strategy, lifestyle, and op-ed content that my readers absolutely devour. 

Chris is the fastest and most accurate editor we have ever worked with. He has a gift for making changes that clarify what the author meant to say, rather than changing it. We would be lost without him.

Robbie Strazynski,
CardPlayer Lifestyle Magazine

Dakota Fox,
Chained Hearts Publishing



Chris Wallace is a writer, editor, cover designer, and publishing consultant. He has worked with everyone from best selling authors to beginning writers looking for help selling or polishing their work for publication. He is also world champion poker player and avid wildlife photographer.

Wallace has published a book, a number of short stories, and hundreds of magazine articles. He has written countless pages of SEO copy and edited work from best selling authors.

He currently lives in Las Vegas with his fiance' Jordan and a automated pool-cleaning robot named Frank

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